Team UnGuru

Melanie Beres - Founder

What about our young families, youth and children? What world are we leaving for them? Humans under the age of 45 haven’t even been given a chance at LIFE? 

I have never taken myself too seriously. 

I am taking the lack of “ADULTING” very seriously! The greed is out of control!

Omg! If I have to talk to another person that “whispers” about the big bad Government coming to assassinate, vaccinate and pound their door down, I am going to lose my MIND!

The Government can not touch you if you are properly Estate Planned and have no need for them. STAY AWAY FROM ALL THEIR SYSTEMS. You are NOT required to vote or be a part of the Government Systems. 

You are required to FOLLOW ALL PUBLIC LAWS! You have ALWAYS BEEN FREE!

We have not learned this one by now? Stay away from the SLOBS! Don’t poke their bears, Crime Syndicates and exit the community freaks on all sides, leave them alone. 

You are perfectly free, just don’t let people with any agenda near you or darken your doorway … EVER AGAIN!

What in Heeealllll would you want to fit into the Thought Prisons, Circuses and Clubs the Societal Programmers have given you? 

I was in “Their Clubs” as a young one and quickly became overwhelmed with a sick feeling by the time I was in my Mid-30’s? OMG! People are just GONE! 

I want nothing to do with any one else’s BOX but my OWN! LOL!

Worst most disgusting GREEEED filled Mind Controlled people in every thought prison or Lifestyle, Narrative ever given. 

Aspire to be yourself, a good person that helps others. We all croak. I have never seen a brinks money truck with a U-Haul chasing a Hearse. I am damn sure people Take their deeds with them and get a grade!

I would hate to be most adults staring down the jumping off point right about now. Well? Gen-X is in the House! We are DONE!

We don’t need “Red Carpets or Prizes” for being human. Come on? Have you seen how many Geriatric Cover bands there are, plastic surgeried, fitness, Consultants for everything, freaks?? 

Sounds like they are living the high life in them desperate housewives and househusband or clubs. Reality Check? If you have to brag, you sure do not have! RUN. 

The prettier the pictures of people … the scarier they are!

If you had Oprah Money, You could Live your SICKO Best Hollywood Life Ever with handlers that do nothing but get lost in their mirrors, never living. Or Worse? One of the puppets born into those styles of Crime Syndicates. 

Who wants that? Exit the filth! You are fighting for which Kings, Queens and their puppets are going to save you NEXT? PAAAALEEEEZE!

Take a good look around? No Adults or very few. 

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Let’s leave the DOA and get back to life, helping, loving, healing and enjoying…. “Old-School”.

You have a mind! USE IT! 

All people need is the truth, without fear, trusted educations, products, services in order to be free. Fair business practices and to now who to trust. Simple. Look for people who are Apolitical, Separation of Church and State without Agendas!

The world is not ending rather it is beginning for the smart. This is the great divide. What a wonderful Shift it will be. 

Checkmate on Humanity is staying in these devices that cause massive brain damage, cancers, addictions and disconnection, watching their media or listening to “THEM”. Who is going to “save you” next? They are a joke! 

Using media and technology intentionally is brilliant. Technology is brilliant. Who do you trust? You have come to the proper place to Be Business, Do Business, Be Global. 

The biggest FEAR your Community Crime Syndicates & Leaders Have … those that work for large Corporations in Upper Levels of Management, Media, Big Charities, Religions, Foundations, Medical, Psychology, Tax-Paid Hospitals, Educations Systems  … 

any Tax Paid System … or invest unethically in the “Human Farm Animal-Stock-Market” …

is that you realize you have always been FREE … & will starve their City Circuses, Media, Sports, Experts, Gurus, Systems … their small businesses … 

 by turning your back on the filthy beasts that participate on any side of the Tyranny … 

learning legal loopholes they have afforded themselves & not spending a dime on any side, any business in your community that has an agenda or any  Systems.   

Boycott your community Small Businesses that have an Agenda on any side!

You vote with your DOLLARS! 

Exit their Systems. These are not our Systems.

Wife, Mother of four beautiful children. Recovering Academic, Media Arts Professional, Publisher, International Journalist, Author, Rock Opera Producer. Total mess healing every day.

Scott Peterson - Co-Founder

Mentoring Web Designers with 3 Months Professional Web Design Training, myself. Grass-Roots, All the way, baby!!!! I am Generation X, we got this! We are locking arms with the sane Baby Boomers left, exiting the Systems to “Adulting”. 

Autumn Spredemann - Co-Founder

I’m a teacher, journalist, traveler, and general explorer who enjoys shedding light on remote places and cultures. I also have a knack for survival scenarios. My aim is to share my passion for quality living and honest, unbiased global media coverage with the world. This is how we Unguru!

Lynn Minney - Co-Founder

I am a natural health loving mom of a vaccine injured girl, homeschooler, and graphic designer. I love helping people and hate politics, war and greed. I’m very excited to be a part of the UnGuru team and to be surrounded by like-minded people.

Michelle Gibson - Co-Founder

Historian and Researcher, specializing in Ancient Civilizations and the Moorish Civilization, Mud Flood, and our lost histories.

Michelle C. Miller - Co-Founder

I am a former Registered Nurse of 18 years turned holistic practitioner who has developed the blends and products that are offered. I & my son are both vaccine damaged & most of the products developed were developed for our own healing / health search.  They evolved from this into our small home business.

Bill Lord - Resident Space Cowboy - Co-Founder

“Again, such seemingly insoluble contradictions and paradoxes are such only within the immature mind, limited by veiled brutal conditioning”.