Launching October 2021

 You are watching Media, Sports, Hollywood become liberated.

UnGuru is an Independent Broadcast Network that is selective of any journalism, media, movies and arts UBN will host. 

It is the public that will have to start to invest in transparent individual franchises if we are to take our airwaves back, merging Indie with Professionals that never lost their way, protecting those that have been targeted to recreate our own arts, media and entertainment that feeds the soul and nourishes the mind.

You can not judge any artist in the public eye until you understand that in order for any Hollywood actor or producer to produce an ounce of truth requires secrecy and at least 50 producers to protect them often many times these individuals end up paying the ultimate prices anyway despite the protections.

Prior to the 2000's maybe 40% in media, sports or arts knew what really ran those industries.

Admiration of artists or any arts, is one thing. We desperately NEED our artists back again.

Crazed fans are very scary to any artist.

"Star Creation" is PAID FOR ... no matter what. This is how media lures anyone in. The Industry creates a brand. All too often these brands (people) are slaves of which UnGuru will never endorse or go near those styles of entertainers or broadcasters. Our "New World Order" is charter,
class and transparency.

UnGuru's publicity is paid for. This is how media operates.

UnGuru is not into buying crazed fans but restoring art and media for the public.

UnGuru has hired; Social media influencers, publicity marketers for organic growth. We are selling our educators and creating healthy media, restoring truth in journalism.

However, anyone promoting Hollywood or "Industry Worship" has a screw loose and is in desperate need of greed and within those people are entities that are no longer human after how many continue to be tortured or assassinated?

Stay away from them.

The Hollywood "Wannabes and Worshippers", their aim is to sign on the dotted line.

Once you sign on their dotted line, you have sold your soul
to a Crime Syndicate, a Mafia, not some Boogyman.

That Mafia-Crime Syndicate will kill you, destroy your life if you do not do exactly what that contract says, even if that contract requires the most disgusting acts of human nature!

No more slaves!

UBN-Coming October, 2021

Recommended Viewing

Stephen Shellen was a Hollywood actor with over 30 film credits to his name.

Shellen was an A-List Actor and Producer, working with "Hollywood Royalty" such as; Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Tim Burton, Nick Cage and this is to name only a few.

Many notable Hollywood elites had been deeply personal friends of Shellen but that all came tumbling down after Shellen's discovery of harm to his 4 year old child and his refusal to go along with harm to his children.

Almost instantly, Shellen was blacklisted, electronically targeted, gang stalked and harassed for years.

This harassment included; death threats, people hired to perform "street theater" games in attempt to drive him insane, emptying his bank accounts, stolen art-scripts that were then made into blockbuster industry hits, the loss of a large notable production company still in operation today, countless attempts on his life.

Shellen ended up homeless, losing everything with no one to believe him only to come back ready to "ROCK AND ROLL"!

Learning first had about the reality of the Deep State, all the agencies that work in tandem with Mainstream Media and Hollywood, Globally, Shellen refused to remain a by-stander.

There are Underworlds all around you.

The Spark

Do you REALLY know your Neighbors?

Shellen wants to help raise awareness but is not the "poster boy" for Targeted Individuals.

Although, Shellen's circles remain close knit, he continues to help the Targeted Individual Community lending his time, effort, personal funds to make appearances at rallies, also helping public servants fighting this at the United Nation's level for this Tyranny on mankind to end.

His hopes are that more entertainers and those that are high profile targeted or trapped within these styles of Crime Syndicates will feel safe enough to speak the truth and join forces to really end these Crimes Against Humanity.

Shellen risked everything to help the public to understand what happened to him, is happening to everyone on varying different levels, by people in your communities, those suffering within families who target their very own.

You may work with these psychopathic people and not even know it or perhaps you grew up with these sociopaths and didn't know that either but things are becoming very visible as to who and what everyone is within our communities due to people like Stephen Shellen who have sacrificed everything.

All Shellen's "Monsters" were human and used "God-Like" technology, real people to harm him for over 25 years.

The only thing to fear is "by-standing", as the solutions are quite obvious and everything that UnGuru stands for; vote with your dollar, know your neighbors behind closed doors, protect one another and
don't get involved in political agendas on any side.

The public owes Shellen much gratitude as with all public figures that have sacrificed everything to warn the public of "what-who" they really live around and how this world really operates which is not at all how your "conspiracy nutters" have been programmed to tell you.

The Spark is a testament to Shellen's character and love for all mankind.

A devoted Christian, Shellen tributes his perseverance and sanity to his loving wife, Kim. Placing all his faith in God, Shellen knew he had to go through all of this to help the future of mankind know reality, not conspiracy crazy.
Shellen works everyday to recover from unimaginable hard targeting, Complex-PTSD that few would ever be able to withstand or recover from.

Shellen remains producing independent art and films and will continue to expose the virus that is media.

All that glitters is NOT Gold.

Where Hoprah At?

Join James Atkins as he reveals the truth about your Homeless, Divide and Conquer Agendas, who really has the boots on the necks of the black community.

"Poverty doesn't have a color. It is all races that have been intentionally destroyed by their very own people, school systems and paid for by the Government which funnels the money to corrupt charities, foundations, churches, synagogues, medical, psychology, rehabs and asylums.

Who's working for these organizations?
It is your neighbors? Who caused all these problems and now are the solutions to them?
Ask yourselves that?" James Atkins

Dark Waters

Every community around the world is being destroyed by chemical companies, mining companies,
Pharma-Medical waste and farming as well as intentional Biowarfare.

These people who made this movie, acted in this movie have been attacked.

Daily, these people fear starting their cars because it may be the day their car blows up and is ruled as "an accident"?

How many have to die before the public, who is the majority in their very own communities puts an end to the minority of their community Crime Syndicates?

Independent Journalists

Tyranny is the lockdown of Media. 

With many new and old media companies understanding the fate of their franchises bankrupting, journalism has changed.

With organizations like UnGuru telling the truth about every trick the media uses for their Divide and Conquer Agendas, Star Creations to poison the kids, staged and paid for publicity stunts for what ever agenda they want to terrorize or make the masses believe in, those days are over. 


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Indie Arts

The beauty of our world cultural arts will be brought back to life. From the stage to the tiny corner Indie Theaters to Buskers, Street Artists and Artisans. We are the creators. We decide. 

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Indie Music

I think we are really over Geriatric Rock Bands unless they are mentors. We are done with Porn Stars and Weirdo Rituals. 

We are tired of all the sicko frequencies put in our airwaves. 

We bring back our Indie Music and merge with those visible in our industry that always stayed close to the public, Globally. We protect those that have been compromised within their awful families born into slavery. 

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Indie Film

Documentaries with purpose, truth and meaning is the rule. Inspirational and Thought provoking Indie Films. Broadcast comedy, old school shows to fill the heart and feed the soul. 

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