To illustrate a book review


Gregory Samsa wakes up one morning to realize his body is not the one he has known herein. He tries to desperately get out from bed in vain as his body is a new one that he has yet to learn to manage around. His disbelief at the look of his shaky minuscule legs and armour-like back do not; however, stop him from worrying about his job. Wishing he could at the minimum get out from bed to get all ready to take the train, he needs no realize his duty as a salesman comes first.

Kafka’s Metamorphosis is a masterpiece which portrays the dehumanization of the common worker and why not, the human being. The story consists of three chapters which tell the short life of Gregory Samsa from his transformation to an ugly cockroach to the light husk of what used to be a man.

The first chapter focuses on Gregory Samsa and his trying to avoid his family from finding out about his transformation. Dealing with opening the door, a simple-looking task for humans, and trying to come up with ideas to help his family economically, scared and duty-oriented Gregory cannot but obsess about his job. His job is all that matters, all that can give him and his family a decent living. It is his job his priority and his mind cannot but overthink while trying to get out of bed. However, he is not accustomed to that body; and he does not achieve much during the first hour. There battles Gregory in his mind and with his body when someone from work has come to find out why it is that Gregory had not taken the train he was supposed to. Work is sacred and it would be awfully odd if someone just ditched work for no good reason.

The second chapter turns around the Samsa family and how they learn to get used to the idea that Gregory, the son and brother, has become such a horrendous creature that can no longer sustain the family in monetary terms. Although one would expect mother love to prime over and over again, it is his sister, Creta, the one who will hurriedly and vehemently take care of the whole situation. The new way of living for Gregory is not one to which any would easily get accustomed to, hence it would be no surprise to understand or even sympathize with the way the family handles the whole. Locked in his room often covered in darkness, Gregory will accept to be fed and taken care of in a way that would look mostly disgusting for a human being. Sadly, for Gregory, even when trying to communicate with his family, he will face the outmost awful results even in just trying to let his family know what few needs he has, even to the point of being hurt so terribly that his body will rotten slowly with time and aloneness.

The third part tells how the family changes their life style once it has become apparent that Gregory will no longer be providing for the family. How a life can change from one day to another and lead a person to almost mutate into a whole new being for another whom they used to love and look after can shock at first, but the circumstances play a harsh role nonetheless. Time and work can change the soul and man has to adapt him/herself to the new environment, exactly the way the Samsa family follows suit. Injured and unable to remain as a member of the family, Gregory’s damnation follows the rotting of his body and soul. Left alone in the darkness and dirt of his room, Gregory Samsa slowly decays as the days go by with no purpose other than existing for as long as his body permits it to do so.