System Overload Syndrome

This is a term that we coined here at UnGuru after years of research going through all of what we call the “Wellness Demons”.  Our staff has seen all kinds of different processes and protocols, those that work and those that do not.  We will try to steer you in the right direction by giving you our honest opinions so that you don’t have to do the work yourself.  We will continue to add to the information here as we find new  things to report on.  Also, please remember that we are not physicians or doctors and if you are unsure about any advice being given here please consult your own medical professional….with that said we do not believe that anything here could harm you.

System Overload – this is the idea that your body can take a lot, it can handle and remove toxins, it can manage without proper nutrients, but at some point your body becomes overloaded and depleted and that is when health issues arise. Now….don’t stress out about this, as stress is one of the worst things for your health, you can move on these ideas at your own pace, making changes in your life when you are ready for them.

So what is creating the overloads…..some of these you probably already know as they are in your air, food, water, and homes. This list is certainly not inclusive: