Rising UP Consulting

My name is Scott Graff.

Rising Up Consulting is a private member association that specializes in assisting its members with restoring their credit as well as maintaining life long financial wellbeing no matter the socioeconomic background. You can not only recover, learn all the tricks and loopholes none of us were taught in primary school but get ahead in this world. 

In 2020, I received my Master of Business Administration from Gannon University. In addition, I was promoted to the role of Operations Manager at Awesome Life Group, a credit repair company. I was responsible for overseeing the Credit Repair, Client Services, and Sales departments. I was able to grow the company, helping hundreds of clients obtain their credit goals.

Learn how to really fix your credit and

Throughout my employment with Awesome Life Group, I recognized that the majority of companies I was employed by were more interested in profits than the well-being of their employees, let alone clients.

I realized that I could make a real difference in this world by starting my own company, treating my employees well and ensuring I can retain the best employees to truly service our clients in the way they deserved.

Credit, understanding finances is critical to one’s overall wellbeing. I care about people and the future of our world.

Thus, Rising Up Consulting was born.