Coming July 4th, 2021

System Overload Syndrome with Sandy Pearce

Lyme Disease & Morgellons are very real diseases. Sandi is recovering well from both but not after running into every Wellness Demon and or Doctor that harmed her greatly. 

Pearce, finally landing in the care of Dr. Liebell (Author of Bite Back) is in recovery, healing at rapid speed. 

Pearce’s extensive background in “all things medical” will help you avoid every life threatening mistake she made.

Facing every scam artist in social media, unreal allopathic medical professionals that wanted to place her in a psyche ward

or the Wellness Demon Bible Thumping-Conspiracy Theory Crazies of Social Media that push products and protocols for unethical Health Affiliate Sellers, “Kick-backing” Charities for Lyme and Morgellon’s Disease and or any other “Health Scare”.

Social Media and Media as a whole has become a disease that has caused many to suffer greatly and death. 

Many on social media are paid for groups that actually track you for academia and pharmaceutical companies using you as guinea pigs.

These Corporate companies have caused all of us great damage through intentional biowarfare unleashed on mankind. 

Stay away from all Wellness Demons,
especially those pushing a religion.

Learn how to bring your body back into the best balance living in an intentionally poisoned world in the way you see fit but with the guidance of every day people who have had to heal themselves.

Together we can reclaim our own lives without scrolling through endless social media, internet sites and or being caught up in endless fear sales, those who sell cures made out of their dirty kitchen, those that give DEADLY advice....

or relying on VICIOUS allopathic medical professionals who have no idea what they are doing and may even use the systems to destroy your life by enforcing you to be placed in a psyche ward on their medications and under their control.

Connect with others to openly
discuss Health issues, protocols and trusted products with Sandy.