Radia Smart EMF Wrap Poncho |Radiation Protection| Large Pregnancy Blanket, 5G Anti-Radiation, Cotton, EMF Blanket 28" x 72", Black

LARGE WRAP, PONCHO, COTTON BLANKET. Radia Smart Protective Wrap/Blanket is made from premium baby-soft organic cotton lined with the reliable protection of silver from EMF radiation making this blanket a convenient way to protect yourself and baby from wireless radiation.
EMF RADIATION SHIELD FOR DAILY USE. Radia Smart Organic Wrap/Blanket blocks radiation from cell phones, WIFI, laptops 99.9% effectiveness. It is tested by accredited lab. Protect yourself and baby during pregnancy and early childhood when they are at highest risk for radiation exposure at the younger age. It provides EMF radiation protection.
USE DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY, PROTECT BABY. This anti-radiation maternity wrap/blanket made with Cotton, it is extra large and lovely and soft. Perfect for curling up on the couch with your computer or iPad on your lap, it’s not only handy for pregnancy but you can also use it after your baby arrives while you use your devices. You can use it as a wrap, as a blanket for your baby or even as a swaddle wrap.

Amazon.com Price: $129.95 (as of 08/07/2021 22:46 PST- Details)

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