Queen of the Thrones Organic Castor Oil - 500mL (16.9oz) | 100% Pure, USDA Certified, Cold Pressed & Hexane Free & Extra…

WELCOME TO QUEEN OF THE THRONES CASTOR OIL QUEENDOM – Millions swear by this miraculous product to enhance their daily lives through its abundant list of health benefits, and it’s incredibly diverse benefits as a beauty product. Our USDA certified organic pure castor oil is cold pressed and packaged in a glass bottle to ensure it stays as close as possible to its natural state to protect its healing properties. Premium quality is our specialty.
SKIN, EYEBROWS, HAIR & TOES – Well maybe not toes, but certainly nails! Queen of The Thrones Castor oil is an excellent skin care product as the essential fatty acids it contains helps restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. It’s touted as the BEST oil to enrich your scalp to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation, while also moisturizing & conditioning hair, reducing dandruff and repairing split ends. Naturally bold and thick eyebrows CAN be achieved with castor oil!
A MULTI-USE MIRACLE OIL – It’s not often you can say one product does everything, but in the case of Castor Oil, it does! Anti-aging, hair care & regrowth, scar reduction, skin hydration & nail care? Check! So many ways to enhance your outer beauty, and countless more for inner cleansing. When paired with a Castor Oil Pack Compress, it helps rebalance the hormonal, immune and nervous systems, Improve digestion, absorption and bowel movements, enhance antioxidant levels and eliminate toxins.

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