Hope Creek Turmeric Blend 4 oz



Turmeric, because of its curcumin and other curcuminoid compounds, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and a strong antioxidant. Health benefits include:

• Anti-Inflammatory

• Antioxidant

• Improves Brain Function and Lowers Risk of Brain Diseases, Including Alzheimer’s Disease & Depression

• Arthritis and Pain

• Cancer Prevention and Treatment

• Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

• Reduces Cholesterol Levels

• Promotes Wound Healing

INGREDIENTS: Organic Curcumin, Organic Black Peperine to increase absorption

Suggested Use:  It can be digested, as well as used externally as a topical application for arthritic joints or wounds. Make a paste by mixing 2 tablespoons with water to apply topically. Other ways to use it include digesting up to 1.5 teaspoons of the dried root powder each day or use it often in seasoning your food. Also, see documents for Golden Paste Recipe.

Warning: Turmeric may slow the clotting of the blood. People taking blood-thinners and pregnant women should be especially careful.

*Find more detailed information about Turmeric in the Mindful Balance documents

Hope Creek products are handmade in small batches. Our research has led us to only carry organic, non-gmo, tested and true products that contain no fillers, synthetics, etc. for an optimal, natural health benefit. They are exclusively and only available on Unguru.

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