Hope Creek Paws Fulvic Acid 2 oz


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Considered the ultimate “nutrient booster,” we can benefit from fulvic acid when we take it as a supplement or acquire it naturally from coming into contact with more dirt/soil outdoors. How? As an active chemical compound, fulvic acid works in a way that helps us absorb and use other nutrients better — such as microbiota/probiotics, antioxidants, fatty acids and minerals.

Fulvic Acid benefits include:

• Helps improve immunity & overall well being

• Helps digestion — improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals from their diet

• Helps with mental alertness

• Less fear and anxiety

• Calming: less aggression, more relaxed

• Increases healing and immunity

• Helps define muscles

• Better energy level in older dogs

• Helps improve joint & bone health

• Imparts a shiny glossy coat

• Improves canine behavior issues

• Helps with eliminating parasites including: fleas, ticks & some worms

• Improves cellular receptivity — helps the water to enter cells at a faster rate, improving overall hydration level

• Brain health — helps the brain by allow the nutrients in faster, preventing fatigue and tiredness, and decreases overall stress

• Assists with diabetes — has been known to counterbalance diabetes by dropping blood glucose levels

• Antioxidant — helps purge the body of detrimental free radicals while preventing damage to cells

• Works as in anti-inflammatory: can help with pain and inflammation

INGREDIENTS: Organic Fulvic Acid powder. No fillers or preservatives.

SUGGESTED USE: 2 tablespoons per gallon of water drink between 8-32 oz a day or mix 1⁄2 teaspoon into any food

*Avoid use with chlorinated/publically treated tap water or in beverages with cholorinated water. Fulvic Acid will react negatively with Chlorine.

*Find more detailed information about fulvic acid for animals in the Hope Creek Paws documents

Hope Creek Paws pet products are handmade in small batches. Our research has led us to only carry organic, non-gmo, tested and true products that contain no fillers, synthetics, etc. for an optimal, natural health benefit. They are exclusively and only available on Unguru.

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