EMF Protection Tesla Technology Emf Protector. Geopathic Stress Zone Protection no matter where you are. GOLD…

⁉️WHAT IS IT?: Now in a NEW Improved Version! A Soft, Flexible EMF Exposure Protection Device to carry on you (in purse, wallet, backpack). Made from multi-component premium elements to harmonize the human energy field. An EMF Neutralizer that generates Schumann Resonance Waves of 7.83Hz rebalancing your body for optimal health.
☢️WHY YOU NEED IT?: A part of the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is harmful, affecting our health. You need this PERSONAL PROTECTION DEVICE to neutralize ONLY the harmful cell phone EMF Exposure, as it provides a powerful electromagnetic shield.
⚙️HOW DOES IT WORK?: It combines the powerful action of special elements blended at very high temperatures (Fibonacci sequence). It contains Semi-precious stones, Rare metals, Special oxides, Jade, Galena, Zr, Gold, Silver, Ti, Mg, Zn, Se, elements with superior magnetic properties for EMF Exposure protection.

Amazon.com Price: $41.98 (as of 08/07/2021 22:46 PST- Details)

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