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Terms, Conditions, and PMA

This is an Adult site...please act a nice person.  Don't bully people.  

We like lively debate....that is good and necessary for our society. one on this site is a Medical doctor or an attorney.  If you do not feel comfortable with the information being provided here, make sure you check it out with someone you consider to be a professional in that area before following the advice.  That is your responsibility, not UnGuru's.  

Products being referred to on this site, or sold in the store, likely have not been approved by the FDA. We want you to understand that this is why we have this Private Membership Association and that you can't bring legal action against UnGuru because you didn't take responsibility for yourself.

Really this is a world that needs to step up and take responsibility for itself self...that means you and I.  

Also, you are not allowed to promote products, other websites, or anything else in that vein without the permission of the staff of UnGuru.  If you wish to get permission please contact us.  If we find that you are promoting without permission we will delete your profile with out question or don't do it.  

The reason we do not allow this is because members of this association come to this site with expectation that everything has been vetted, tested, back ground checked, and is a trusted and transparent business.... and we will not break that trust... Otherwise please enjoy.


You Need to send us a Photo of both sides of your ID...

Please email the copy to [email protected] Your ID will only be used to verify your identity…that is it…we will protect your identity and it will be shared with anyone else.  We expect that you will send this to us within 24 hours of your setup. we also expect that you fill out your profile with your full name and a recent picture.  If there are reasons that you have to protect your identity from the public, please let us know and we will help you in doing so.  If we do not see this from you we will have to deactivate your account without any refund.  If we find that anyone is misrepresenting who they are, they will be removed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Please read this document.  These are the Articles of Association that make UnGuru what it is.  You can also access the Law area on our site to learn more about PMAs.

This Page also constitutes Term and Conditions for UnGuru. Make sure you use the scroll bar on the PMA...there are 22 pages to read, and make sure to read the the content after the Articles.

Accepting the terms and conditions for UnGuru means that you are becoming a member in our association...please learn and understand what that means.  Below the document of the Articles of Association are a few other conditions for membership...please make sure you read them as well.

If someone complains about someone else....we will check into it.  If we cannot not resolve an issue and have addressed the issue with the member we hold the right to kick someone off the site (member will be removed).