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Welcome!!! This membership allows you access to all Member areas which is all groups, broadcasts, discounted courses, consults, Shoppes but not Exclusive Member areas. Please immediately fill out your profile with your full name and your personal picture as within 24-48 hrs you will be deleted if not filled out. If deleted, you will then have to re-apply with a different email and you will not be refunded your initial fee. As stated in our Private Member Association guidelines, UnGuru has to uphold our very own guidelines by Law. UnGuru does not monitor your private messages within the site but does flag messages for “key words” to protect our members from those who will solicit personal selling of their own products or services within our site without express permission, lab-testing or vetting of such a service. UnGuru believes there is room for all small to mid-size businesses but must be properly vetted by sending in a formal request to [email protected] UnGuru has only five affiliate partners and any other product affiliates will be disclosed and have been vetted or lab tested for quality and reports are available upon request for products we sell within our site. UnGuru will never sell your information. UnGuru in its’ entirety, is layered with Rife Frequencies to lessen the bioweapons within these devices. Our site has a “Blue-Screen” protector for your eyes but suggests getting a $10 pair of glasses to protect your eyes when ever on any device. UnGuru does not use “heat wave” techniques or any other technology biowarfare to ping in for “auto selling” and or other nefarious actions that most sites are layered in. Highly recommended are our Tech classes to know how to protect yourself from the biowarfare, Oxidative Stress, needless severe addictions, understanding the use of technology, knowing how to easily protect yourself from Wifi/EMF’s without constant fear selling of protection devices that don’t work and are costly junk. As we move into the digital age, understanding the use of technology moving into the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the beauty of technology and ease of simplistic apps and programs all in one place will get you back to living in health, without fear and free from damage or addictions Smart Tech causes. Other added protections have been installed to ensure your information is hack-proof.

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