In order to understand everything about UnGuru, please don’t forget watch the three short videos by clicking the link above after you have read below. 

UnGuru is such a hard concept to grasp only because people have been given intentional PTSD, Digital Dementia, Media Addictions. 

UnGuru is the Only Global, Independent, “Intentional Use”, 

Social Media, E-Commerce, Life Skills, Journalism, Indie Arts Broadcast Platform in the Entire World. 

UnGuru serves as the “House” for many small businesses, is an Adult “Anti-Bullying” Platform

that is designed to be a resource without confusion, is Apolitical,  Separation of Church & State, restoring Truth in Law, History & Journalism

UnGuru is a Platform to share, learn & “decide for Yourself”.

We have so much to dismiss about all the Money Driven Media, Fear Sales, Government Overreach Fears & Expert “Scares”!  

You have always been FREE

You have Free Will. 

The Agendas at hand, how to take your life back in the way you see fit with Max Spiers


The consumer, on average spends 

over $25,000 on products, services & goods being scammed. 

With a high number of Americans unemployed, 75% of Americans in debt, few have recovered since the robbing of 2008. 

Federal Debt is $27, 203, 387, 382, 969?

UnGuru has spent close to five years vetting  every educator, product, service & good, lab tested as well.  

We can no longer afford to trust just anyone. We have to have guarantees & integrity brought back to business. 

UnGuru will NOT allow Advertisers, Social Media Influencers, “Paid For” Reviews, Gouging Fear Sales!

All Businesses under UnGuru have been vetted, tested, approved for their quality, ethics & morals. 

UnGuru does Not sell your information, track your profile, monitor your private messages. 

The only information UnGuru keeps,  until you decide to leave, is your signed Contract & Email. 

We restore Trust in one another.