Freedom is Not Free.

Pacifism, identifying other pacifists to do business with will ensure you make it through to leave your children to rebuild the Earth for Humanity!

Pacifist's Human Children have a big job ahead.

Truth is no longer dangerous unless you are going to fight "They or Them" or align yourself with friends who have an Agenda, work in Big Corporate, Charities, Tax Paid Systems.

We can always make fun of "They-Them". Enough Conspiracy Theories bought and paid for Flying around!

We Identify one another by what we stand for "Agenda-Less-Apolitical-Separation of Church & State", small trusted businesses only!

Move to regions that are the most Free, around likeminded people for security purposes.

The Government or your Community Public Servants will be respectful of you, as long as you are respectful of them.

Pacifism means being at PEACE!

Do not spend a dime on any one that has an Agenda, a 501-C-3 Religious (All Corrupt AF) Narrative, Charities, Foundations, any business that has an Agenda.

Our job is to remain respectful, peaceful, in proper standing with all Laws, Public or Private.

Vote with Your Dollars!

Do You Know Your Neighbor?

"Un-Sanity" is doing the same "Un-Sane" things and expecting "In-sane" results.

Leave the "Un-Sane" behind and join the "In-sane".