May the best small to midsize businesses and Independent arts
win in this Fourth Industrial Revolution!


Imagine knowing exactly who to trust in your very own communities for all your needs?
Imagine healthy connections in your communities?

Imagine belonging to any Government or their Systems is a choice?

Imagine that you have always been free?

Welcome to your Liberation!

Michelle Gibson

Hidden in Plain Sight

A Historian and Researcher, Specializing in Ancient Civilizations, the Moorish Civilization, Mud Flood and our lost histories. 

Gibson received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Psychology from the University of Maryland in Baltimore Country in 1989.  She has lived in many different places and travelled extensively.

Join Gibson on her extensive global research to uncover the truth about humanity, accented by her classes in Sacred Geometry and other related educations that will lead you to the truth about our Universe.

Dr. Kanika Verma


Dr. Kanika Verma, is an Ayurveda physician, psychotherapist in holistic mental health and Vedic Astrology.  

For the past 5 years, she has been dealing primarily with chronic health issues due to allopathic and environmental poisons. 

Dr. Verma states; “It has been a great journey helping many to their own health and peace”.

Sandi Pearce

System Overload Syndrome

Living with Lyme, Morgellons, Pearce has been through every scam, charity lie and protocol on this planet to land on proven DIY’s and simple solutions to riding your entire life of “Wellness Demons”. 

Pearce has vetted every product for proper detoxing, cleaning, organizing your home, healing your pets, and knows the accredited Lyme Doctors. 

Pearce lists every DIY protocol as well as all lab-tested products on the market you need to detoc your home, your family and your life 

Healing is an inside job of which we get by with a little help from friends. 

Pearce provides a support group and consults for those that need advice and a hand up to heal as they see fit.

Pritam Kumar

NCG Parkour & Yoga

Kumar is a Yoga master, award winning Parkour Champion, National Gymnast, health coach where I live in Patna, Bihar, India. 

New Age Narcissism has caused global tragedy.  

To Kumar, it has been disappointing to see media, movies, talk show hosts in every  Nation making Yoga and “self help” a Trillion dollar industry to elevate the EGO of the practitioners and authors.

Kumar states; “Gurus are never to be followed as they invert their claims to cause damage rather than help people to their own personal ways of the journey in life. 

Teachers are to be respected when in the classroom and treated as equal when leaving the classroom”.


Scott Peterson


Peterson holds an MBA in Business. Fast track learning to personal and business finance, proper banking in Credit or State Banks, proper insurances for your family. 

Debt slavery is a choice. Peterson believes you can fully clean your life and build a better you without financial stress. 

Law Document and Template Library for all your Legal and Business Needs

Bryan-Glenn Parker

Tactical Sovereignty

Parker specializes in Natural Law, Law of Nations, Occult, Etemology, Historical and Biblical Theology. 

Step by Step, Parker will help you unrig yourself from all Government Contracts you knowing and unknowingly made so you can be private, free from Government overreach and at Peace with all Nation States. 

The most significant issues are those which have been hidden. 

Parker strongly believes there is little to fear with any Government entity and be respectful of the police and all public Laws no matter the Nation State. 

Conversational Interactive Broadcasts & Interviews

Law Remedy Schmuck Show.

Sunday Mornings at 10am, EST.

Scott Graff

Rising Up Consulting

Graff holds an MBA in Business Finace. 

Graff will bring teachings of our credit system. 

His team will help you clear yourself from all debt knowing fully how to manage your life within your business, family and personal budget. 

Debt free means liberty. Everyone can clean up, move to where they are treated best enjoying life. 

Once clear from debt, never make that mistake again. The object to this life is to stay away and out of the systems.  

Nicolas Johnson

Johnson Technology

Johnson knows we are caught in a sea of passwords, technology overload. 

Johnson carries a BA in Computer Science and an MBA from UCB and will teach you how to use technology effectively and not allow technology to use you. 

Susan Kellis

Susan Kellis Insurance, A Mutual Insurance Agency


Susan will teach you how to protect your family through proper insurances as well as using whole insurance policies as tools to be your own personal bank.


Sheila Roberts

Drop that Business

Have you ever thought of starting your own business?  Let Sheila show you how easily you can step into the world of business. ownership.

Join Sheila as she teaches you how to run your small business from idea generation and business planning to effecitvely implementing your plan step by step. 

ProAdvocate Group

An association thinking's outside...protecting within

  1. 1. Private Member Association 
  2. 2. Texas Joint Stock Company
  3. 3. Medical Practitioners Defense
  4. 4. Pro-Se Litigation Services

Technology Education Library

A things Tech protections, organizations, educations, web design, graphic design and marketing.  

Full detailed list to recommended companies and professionals that will help you get to where you need to go.

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We walk away, limiting our Technology use, getting back to living.

Recommended books for you, your family, DIY's & Templates

A Library of information on recommended books for study, story telling and recommended Homeschool Curriculums. 

Enjoy DIY everything such as, Minimalism, journaling, Home Design, Feng Shui, Recipes for health, home cooking, gardening, guns, wines, beers....

and the list doesn't end. 

Thomas Bradshaw

Bradshaw Ethical Banking and Investments

What is the Stock Market? What do I ethically invest in? What Banks are credible? Look no further than Bradshaw. 

Educations within the above will set you and your family in an encased shield of protections free from any market bust. 

CityGal Melanie

UnGuru Broadcast Network

Welcome to the Shift! 

Beres, Founder of UnGuru. 

Broadcast Journalism on topics we all care about restoring honor in journalism, 

“Merging independent media and arts with global media professionals and artists that never lost their way but found themselves compromised until now.  

Our entire world has almost been “art-less” since the 80’s “One Hit Wonders” knew to flee those genres, stay on the college circuit until that was infiltrated. 

Everything is outed especially Media. The public has spoken about “Their Art” and want nothing to do with propaganda, publicity stunts, social media influencers, paid for agendas and or their degrading trash!

We define the Fourth Industrial Revolution, PERIOD!”


CityGal Melanie 


David Oates

Reverse Speech Therapy

Oates specializes in the subconscious for over 30 years.  

Oates educates practitioners to not disturb their clients journey but how to unlock what their clients are saying from within.

Reverse Speech Therapy allows  one to unblock the roadblocks within your body to help move one into thriving. 

Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix

A Course in Deprogramming

In all ages, in all lands, there have been those who seek truth. This seeking is an individual’s search for something more than self, and much more than the confines of this worldly system. It is the seeker, who understands there is more than what meets the eye, who is not afraid and makes the choice to go into the unknown. The process of awaking has begun, the discovery is underway.
Alan Watt – A Course in Deprogramming

Rashes, Skin Irritation, Bug Bites

Google or search for any skin irritation pictures and FEAR APPEARS.

We land on pictures that tell us we have the Black Plague coming out of people's skin.

Here you will be able to access common sense photos to identify skin irritations or rashes as well as recommended home remedies.

As always consult with your licensed doctor or learn from those that have healed themselves.

Classifieds & Shoppes

By Zip Code recommendations, meet-Ups, events of likeminded.

UnGuru takes all the homework out of shopping by providing lab tested products that are chemical free.

Find Global small to mid-size businesses who provide trusted products, services, practitioners, contractors with no "paid for" Google Reviews, reputation repairing.

Our professionals earn your business and pride themselves within doing so.