Why UnGuru?
You do not need Gurus.
You need honesty, transparency to make your own decisions.

WE ARE THE SOLUTIONS! I decided Pacifism WINS!

I founded UnGuru because I want a world for my 
children and yours. 

A media Arts professional for over 30 years and as 
former publisher of CityGal Magazine in Milwaukee WI.
I had so many begging me to publish again. 
People wanted adults, truth in journalism restored,  to stop the fear, take confusion out of everything.

So, like so many (but not enough, yet) I got sick of NO ADULTS, the BULLSHIT, CHEATS, LIES DISGUST, GREED. 
When I learned real law, the reality of intentional
poisons that blew our families apart, I lost my mind!
I researched for 15 years to find ethical educators  in all areas needed for life skills as well as      
quality historians, broadcasters, entertainers. 
Thus, UnGuru was Born!
UnGuru strives to help as many as we can to become their own healers, lawyers, doctors, working for themselves, free from Government Overreach, moving around likeminded people. 

We need to adult to take down the crime syndicates peacefully in our communities, end all corruption. How is this done?

Vote with your dollars! 
Peacefully learn real law, seat yourselves on Jury Assemblies to correct corrupt communities and corrupt community members. 

We grew up with these criminals wearing suits and ties or pretending to be hippie charity do-gooders or any other narrative given agenda of divide and conquer or revisionist history.

Ain't nothing but Training Day and the Departed in our communities and we don't have the Boondock Saints to save us. 
It is only "US' that saves US, not in the way you or I see fit but within our own personal boundaries respecting one another's belief systems!

We walk away!